I want to inspire and help people through art and design

What I can do for you

Concept development

Including researching target groups, ideating, testing, and prototyping. I work holistically, meaning that I love to include users in all my design processes early on and test semi-done prototypes as well.

Creative visual solutions

Each company needs strong visual branding a so-called brand personality that people can relate to. This unique set of visuals must be coherent at all levels of the company.

Holistic design approach

A design approach that takes care of both Humans and the Planet. Creating solutions for real people, testing early on in the design process, and creating solutions that are not harming nature are keys to successful design implementation.


Storytelling can engage consumers and users on a deeper level. We, humans, relate to each other through stories. Now brands with great brand personalities can use storytelling to strengthen their communication.